Monday, December 5, 2011

The "I Told You So" Shelf

This project has been awhile in the making. I actually picked up this laminate board from the wet grass one morning while pacing the neighborhood trying to get my son (already a week late) to decide he'd actually like to come into this world. He's now over a year old. 
Yeah. It took me that long.
(Beautiful, isn't it? LOL.)

Long story short, the rest of that walk my husband did his dead-level best to convince me to put that piece of wood down. It was wet. It was dirty. It was junk. It wasn't even "real" wood. I would never do anything with it. Etc. etc. his reasons went on and on. The remainder of that walk was exhausting and I'm not even talking about hauling around that week overdue baby boy on swollen ankles. Lol. I kept telling my husband about all the potential projects I saw and he wasn't buying it.

I've heard about this shelf more than once since that walk. I can't say that I blame my husband much. Afterall, it did take me more than a year to get around to this little project. Sometimes I'm just a slow mover. :)

However, a couple of weeks ago my husband and I were organizing a bit in our little guy's room trying to make some space for the little sister who will be arriving before we know it. We needed a spot for all the Baby Einstein CDs and that's when it came to me! A little white paint left over from this project, a quick trip to Lowes for the metal shelf holder "thingies" and, VOILA! The perfect little shelf for our son's room. :)

The best part of the whole thing....

My husband loves it and has commented on how perfect it is more than once. He's even gone so far as to tell me to keep my eye out for more scraps like that when I'm out and about. Now THAT makes for one sweet shelf! :)


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