Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Early Morning and a Book Wreath

They say that the second trimester is supposed to be the trimester of the best sleep you'll see for a very long time. Obviously, those who say that are not taking dogs into consideration. The night started out well; less lower back and hip pain than I've had in a long time actually. It was heavenly....until about 2am when the dogs started going nuts. No apparent cause after thoroughly checking things out. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep. Finally, around 3:00, we each got a bowl of cereal. I skyped with my family overseas. (They're the only ones I knew who would be up at that time.) My husband got updates on the Boston marathon and I started in on one of my favorite pastimes of late. Blog hopping from one creative woman's site to the next.

I have so much to do when I get home! So many new projects I want to try! Somewhere in the midst of all my blog-hopping, I ended up on the site Living With Lindsay and I found the most adorable book wreath! To see Lindsay's tutorial, go here. This would have been one I'd take to Nana's at Christmas (see site's first post) if I weren't so concerned with ruining it in the roadtrip with a new baby, two dogs and car packed entirely too full. Below are pictures of her wreath. It's beautiful!

Isn't it just gorgeous??? I can't wait to try and make my own. I hope it will turn out half as well! I'll keep you posted. 

Now it's almost 4:30am. I think I'll try for another hour or so of sleep before our day begins....again.


Sybil Fontaine said...

Very creative with the wreath...I like you love crafts and seeing what others can do and then trying them out myself.

I have been thinking of starting a blog -- I had one several years ago and it was such a fun nice release. I will follow yours for sure!

Rub your tum.

Cristan said...

Sybil, You should TOTALLY start a blog! :D

Stephanie said...

Cute wreath! I love the printed book would be perfect in a library/office!

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