Sunday, May 2, 2010

Michaels Trip Yesterday!

Well, yesterday I finally made it to a craft store after getting back from Mammoth Lakes and bought a glue gun, along with a plethora of other things. I have two glue guns tucked away in storage in Portland, OR but little good they're doing me there! I bought a pink one 'cause it made me smile. I must say that I was more than a little disappointed with the Michaels prices here in SoCal. WAYYYY more expensive than in Texas or Oregon. :( For example, the two small to medium foam balls that I purchased were $3.99 apiece! Is that normal or is that ridiculous??That's a real question. Feedback here would be appreciated.) I'm tempted to ask my aunt to load up on a few things and bring them with her when she comes to visit me from TX!  As I mentioned before, we've dropped our little camera and my husband is traveling and has the iphone. Therefore, pictures will have to be taken tonight or in the morning when he returns. That or I'll run next door and borrow a camera from my lovely neighbor. Now that I'm back near a Home Depot, Lowes, an overpriced craft store, etc. I can get this ball rollin'-no pun intended. :D

Another exciting piece of sister-in-law is sending me a sewing machine!!!! I can't wait!!! Do I have any clue how to sew? No, I do not!! I told you these blogging women had inspired me! The other day I was going on a three mile walk with my neighbor and told her I didn't even know how to "string it" (referring to the sewing machine). She kindly informed me that the appropriate terminology would be "to thread it." LOL! :D See how little I really know. It should be a journey, Ladies. My first sewing project is already planned. I'm going to try my hand on baby leggings for my adorable little niece - but more on that later when I actually have the sewing machine.

Other little tidbits of news that have nothing to do with crafting...
   After being here for almost a year, I finally joined the public library yesterday. That certainly took me long enough! I also went to Coldstone for the first time in ages. I'm walking three miles later this afternoon as penance.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Thanks for the comments of late. They make me smile. Keep 'em coming and I'll do my best to blog away on a more consistent basis! :D


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