Saturday, June 12, 2010

Organizing Baby's Clothes and Closet

Lately, I've been "garage-saling" and "craigs listing" like a crazy woman trying to get ready for baby. When I come across little guy clothes for a good deal, I want to be able to go ahead and take advantage of it. I just can't bring myself to buy things new and spend all that money when they outgrow things so quickly! Anyway, I needed a way to keep everything organized, so I went to Target and bought some cute clear bins with blue lids as seen below. 

Then I pulled out my scrapbook paper, pens, cardstock and glue and made labels for sizes up to 2T. I put them in snack baggies so that I can switch them out easily as time progresses. 

I even found a cute button or two to "bling it out a bit." :D

I taped the snack bags to the interior of the bins with clear packing tape and feel a little bit more organized now. 

Just for fun, here's the top of the little guy's dresser. We're slowly but surely getting ready for his arrival! 

My most recent project has been to make the baby's hanging clothes dividers. I'm not so sure I'm entirely happy with the results, but here goes anyway. I again pulled out tagboard, scrap paper, glue and scissors and went to work - not really sure what I was going for, to be entirely honest. I just knew that I wanted to hang two sizes at a time up in the closet...the size he's wearing and the size he's growing into. So...I needed two dividers and I wanted to be able to just change the size out without remaking the entire divider, so I pulled out those handy dandy snack bags again too. 

I grabbed the white tagboard and cut out a cloud shape like so. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. Low light and just used my computer camera to snap a quick picture. :)

I then traced the shape onto green and blue paper that I had on hand and happened to match the labels I'd used for the little guy's clothes bins earlier. I glued blue on one side of the tagboard and green on the other. I let them dry overnight under a stack of books to try and keep them semi-flat and then carefully placed packing tape over them since, sadly (sigh), I don't own my own little laminator. How I would love to own one of those! However, we have a baby on the way and we're on a BUDGET! Thus the homemade closet dividers.  :) A couple of clips, a snack bag, scrapbook paper, some stickers and a baby hanger later.....

My little closet dividers :D



The Autocrat: Haley said...

Whenever I have kids, I am so making some of those! What a great idea!! Especially since it seems like children grow so fast!

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