Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Blogging Dilemma

So you probably thought I was dead. Sigh. I've been gone SINCE EASTER!! That's craziness! I'm working really hard to keep all my priorities in the right order and, as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things crafty and creative...It's number 4 on my priority list.
I decided back several months ago that the new order of things in my life would be this...
(Blogging falls under the "friends" category 'cause that's what I consider you :)

 If the truth be told, I'm doing a really, really good job at only one of the top four priorities right now. Which one, you might ask...
Well, it's this one.
 My little man is growing so fast, I don't want to miss a second. We're up in a condo in Mammoth Lakes, CA. How do you like that make-shift toy box? :) He ignored all the familiar toys and went right for the cardboard box. Awesome. :)
It's June here and we got snowed on the last days in May. It was our little man's first time to see the snow. Happy Summer.

The only way I'm getting some blogging in now is that my two little men are napping. :)

Mammoth Lakes mornings go something like this. :) My little guy watches Baby Einstein on mommy's laptop while I have a cup of coffee and try to gear up for a busy day. :) 

My husband and a friend of ours are both up here to train at altitude. They're gearing up for the marathon olympic trials that will be taking place in Houston this coming January. My husband has had an incredible running career and I'm so proud of him. He's persevered through so many obstacles and injuries. This is his last big push as an athlete before we transition over to the coaching side of this sport. I'm up here taking care of our little man and cooking like a crazy woman. You try feeding two elite runners who are training like mad twice a day. These boys can eat! If you have easy, healthy and make-ahead meals in your kitchen arsenal, please do a girl a favor and share your recipes!! :D If I make 'em and the boys like 'em...I'll feature it here with your permission! :D 

I won't have my crafting supplies up here until later this summer, so this blog may be leaning more toward the family news and family meals for the next month or so. My goal is just to show up here several times a week and keep in touch. :)

Please bear with me and my incredibly sporadic blogging. I WILL get more consistent....after my little man goes to school. :) My goal is to still fit in a run and a devotion today. It's 2:45pm and it's raining outside. Hmmm....what are the chances??? :D

What are your secrets for keeping life in balance? I'd love to hear from you. :)


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