Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Much Cuteness!

Well, it's been ages since I had the chance to sit and look at some of my all-time favorite blogs and explore some new ones. The other night the baby was sleeping and my husband was in the other room watching a movie with a friend. Perfect time for me to slip out and do what I love! 

As I mentioned the other day, I have ZERO crafting supplies here with me in Mammoth. The nearest craft store is down in Bishop. I may have to make a trip pretty soon. However, between cooking, keeping up with my little guy, running errands and trying to fit in a little fitness, I'm content to take a brief project respite and look through the blogosphere to admire the many amazingly creative women and their projects. Here are a couple I've come across that I thought were so cute and are totally going in my, "Do This Someday" file. :)

Tales of a Trophy Wife (how cute is that title?) made this adorable pinwheel wreath. So perfect for summer and this coming July 4th!

Speaking of cute pinwheel decor, check out this adorable wall art Make It Perfect did for her kids' room! I HEART this project!

Make It Perfect recently used pinwheels to top birthday cupcakes as well. I may have to store this idea away for the future. 

What an easy way to add color and even a little take-home toy for guests.

Love Sweet Love made this cute Qtip jar.
 Qtips make me smile nowadays. They remind me of this picture of my little sisters who happen to be twins. 
Don't they look like little matching Qtips? :) LOL.

Grey Luster Girl gives a great tutorial on how to make this thread holder. I love it and totally want to make one for my little craft corner!

So many cute projects, so few hours in a day......


Momma Monkey's Crafts said...

OMG! You're back! Hi! I've missed your posts! :)

Cristan said...

LOL! :D You're so sweet. I've missed blogging SO MUCH, but times are crazy. My little man has learned to crawl and we are B-U-S-Y and he is F-A-S-T! :D He's in his walker watching Baby Einstein at the moment. I grabbed the moment to get online for a sec. :D Miss ya, friend. said...

Loving the pinwheel speciment art. Even though I'm all grown up, I still find pinwheels magical.

Love Sweet Love said...

Thanks so much for letting me know you featured my craft-you are too sweet! Thanks for making me smile!

Lisa said...

Yay! Thanks for featuring my thread board!

Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said...

So glad you're back!

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