Sunday, April 17, 2011

Front Door and Porch - Before and After :)

Well we finally did! I've been NOT lovin' my porch for quite some time. It was just so very.....

See what I mean? 

We finally got our slow as molasses HOA people to approve our new paint color for the door and shutters. Yea!! 

Then yesterday, we stopped by an awesome plant sale in Coronado (I DO love Coronado). Check out my smiling husband bringing it to the car...

And this is how we fit it into my little Honda mobil. :)
My little man thought it was hilarious.
He could see all the leaves in the mirror in front of him and seemed to think it was pretty funny.

We added this to the very empty corner of our porch...

and when it was all said and done, here's the finished product.
Much warmer and more welcoming, don't ya think?

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Matt and Leah said...

Definitely much more welcoming! Love it!


Crystal said...

It looks great!! So welcoming! I love before and after shots. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Sunday =)


cnhenigin said...

i love it, cristan. it looks really inviting!

Corrie said...


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