Friday, August 12, 2011

All Things Coffee

Due to the fact that it is Feature Friday and in honor of all things coffee, I thought I'd share some etsy love and show you a few things that have caught my coffee lovin' eye. 

This particular little number by Doodling A Smile could be my life's motto at the moment...especially in blog land. :)

Check out this adorable "Know Your Coffees" print from the etsy shop Blimp Cat.

For the paper lovin' folks in the house, here are some of my favorite tags that I've come across. I adore these coffee-stained tags by September Faire

 I thought these coffee-stained tags by Zero Names Left were cute as well.

I found this simple stamp by NoraJane that I now think I probably need. Sigh.
You'll know when I get it. I'll be using it on every note, letter and gift card.  :D

I love the smell of coffee. I love the taste of coffee (except perhaps when pregnant). What could be better than BATHING in coffee?? :D I ask you?
Check out this coffee scrub by Wicked Scentuals.

and this  coffee body butter by Whitney's Lotions and Potions.

This "Good Morning Handsome" coffee spoon by Sycamore Hill would make a great gift for your coffee-lovin' sweetheart. I may have to purchase this one for my man. Afterall, he did bring me roses on Monday. :)
For me personally, I'd choose a coffee spoon that said, "No Coffee, No Workee." That could be another life motto for me. :D 

If anyone in my family is needing a gift idea for me....
I'm just sayin'.... :D 

Hope you all have enjoyed these fun little etsy finds as much as I have. :) Any other coffee kindred spirits in the house? 


cnhenigin said...

how fun! i love the different faces of coffee!!

Joy said...

Girl, I already thought of the ones I want to check out and get for you. giggles.

Susan said...

You know I'm a fellow coffee addict...remember the Almond Joy creamer? :) My coffee spoon would say "Mommy's nicer with coffee!" Miss you girl!!!

Marlee said...

Yup, I think you totally just made me have a serious coffee craving! Great blog, am a new follower :).

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